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Yoga Teacher/ Founder

Ananta is the founder of the Lotus Feet Retreat and is an outstanding meditation teacher and healer. A beautiful, kind and compassionate teacher. He is simple and believes that all humans should be treated with the highest of respect regardless. He is a native of Kathmandu, Nepal. From his very childhood he had a deep longing to find " what and why this life is" At the age of 10 he started practicing meditation and discover a journey of silence. After turning 14 he had a glimpse of blissfulness and peace. This state pushed him into a vast inquisitive discovery of himself and the outer world. He dived into this unknown journey of silence and began a life of spiritual discipline. Over next few years he met and practiced with several spritual masters, gurus and like-minded friends from all over the world. He has conducted hundreds of meditation camps and retreats. He had the grace to touch the lives of numerous seekers and students from every corner of the globe. His approach in modern meditation techniques have opened several doorways which welcomes anyone and everyone to find a piece of themselves in quietness.


Yoga Teacher

Sandy Sooknanan is a yoga instructor and is the founder and owner of Dutchess Yoga, formerly Kishna Yoga. She was raised in a Hindu family with very strong spiritual practices.
In 1908, her grandmother Kishna Sooknanan, migrated from Gonda, India to British Guiana, now Guyana. There, Sandy was raised before moving to New York and working as a nutritionist. After completing her yoga teacher training in 2006, she realized that her place in this world was to teach the path of yoga. She travels to India three times a year to study with great yoga teachers.
Since then, she has traveled throughout India studying with various teachers and masters at Iyengar Institute in Dehradun, Astanga and Vinyasa Flow in Rishikesh in addition to having received her initial Teacher Training Certificate in Raja Hatha in the USA in 2006.
Sandy has been teaching yoga in the Hudson Valley for over ten years, and has thousands of hours of teaching and Yoga study. Sandy also pursues women empowerment projects through her charity, The Kishna Foundation, which conducts outreach and relief programs for marginalized families in Guyana while advocating for greater access to yoga and teacher trainings.

Meghan Wood

Yoga Teacher

Meghan believes that a happy, healthy and holy life happens when one moves with grace, passion and compassion. It is what makes this life beautiful and unique. Born and raised in a small mountain town in the Hudson Valley of New York, Meghan's first time on a mat, her oasis, was almost 2 decades ago as an Ashtanga student, the top of the mountain. And so began her journey, which has led her to the mountains of Nepal.
Like life, Meghan's yoga practice has been a journey that started with the physical exploration of her body. What she found was the more she was able to twist and bind, fold and unfold, the more she was able to reach the deepest space of exploration...her Soul.
As a lifelong mover, Meghan grew up dancing. Music and dance continue to move her Soul. Meghan is also a classically trained, Pilates Method Alliance certified instructor. But, it wasn't until she found her beautiful and blessed teacher Sandy that life started to unfold. Sandy taught her to open up, to let go and allow the faith in this open heart space to lead her down her destined path. She completed her 200hr Hatha training under Dutchess Yoga in New York, but will forever be a willing student.
As a believer in the Maha Universe, Meghan practices Kundalini to truly integrate the mind with body and spirit. As a natural explorer, Meghan believes that traveling the world only enhances her yogic lifestyle. In 2013, Meghan traveled with her teacher to India to deepen her understanding of the roots of her one true love, yoga. She was forever changed spiritually and only wishes to share such experiences by traveling and teaching.
"If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it." ~Yogi Bhajan

Ben Gopal Shrestha

Yoga Teacher

Ben Gopal Shrestha is a skilled yoga teacher, and is native of Kathmandu, Nepal. He have been practicing yoga and teaching yoga for 12 years. He completed his teacher training course ok Tantra Yoga from Shanti Yoga Ashram, Kathmandu Nepal. He also completed trainings of Yoga and Naturopathy from institute of Ayurveda in Nepal Sanskrit University. He worked at Divya Ashram under the supervision of Ananta for four years as the main teacher teaching Yoga asanas,Yoga kriyas, Yoga Philosophy. His passion is teaching yoga allingnment. He is a strong willed and a serious yoga teacher with a great sense of humour. Ben's approach to yoga is one that honors the need for individual self study with the aim of improving yoga alignments. His beliefs that self- awareness and discipline must be present on the mat. By aligning the muscles, skin and joints appropriately the body and mind can merge in harmony.

Sara Hart

Yoga Teacher/Artist

Sara Hart is fine artist-yogini who is grateful to have found a lifestyle that supports her creativity & spirituality, as well providing a professional holistic healing practice in the United States. Originally from the a small area outside NYC, Sara has traveled and studied Yoga in many places to help heal her own mind and body from complications of injuries, ptsd, and to gain better clarity and awareness in herself. Combining a Fine Art Degree and over 15 years of Yoga & a Crystal Healing practice,Sara is humbled and inspired to share this practice with others. She combines her studies in meditation, pranayama and spiritual philosophy with her study of asana and art to create a challenging and comprehensive asana practice that caters to creative professionals , athletes & trainers, teachers & leaders, and those healing from addiction and illness. Working with Sara you will experience inspiring words of wisdom for living in present world and a nurturing hands-on approach to alignment and energy healing with aromatherapy ad crystal energy healing to nurture and relax the mind body and soul.